The World Of Dogs

I’m a dog lover.  I find them to be incredibly rewarding as both pets, friends, and hobbies.  The one thing that I really love besides the dogs themselves, however, are all the gifts that you can get for dog lovers as well as for the dogs themselves.

The one customer I can always count on to buy anything related to their breed is a Corgi lover.  These people are simply WILD about Corgis.  And I don’t blame them.  I love Corgis too!  I used to have one growing up.  I think they are perhaps one of the cutest and funniest dog breeds out there.  And they have so much character!  It’s never too hard to find a gift for a Corgi lover, however this selection of Corgi gifts has to be the best.  It’s from a store called Home And Wild and they have cultivated some of the cutest and most unique Corgi gifts out there.  Some of them are downright hilarious!

My favorite right now is the Corgi Butt pillow.  I mean…it’s literally just a Corgi butt.  There is not body or head.  It’s hysterical.  My friends have been posting about it on Facebook non-stop.  It’s hilarious.

Another thing I find truly hilarious are the dog toys that are out there.  I was shopping for my new puppy and came across a company that makes stuffed animal dog toys.  They have a series of fish.  I mean, they are hilarious.  Then I found those “hide n seek” toys where a bunch of animals like squirrels are hidden inside a stuffed log.  There was one variation that’s a beehive with little bees.  I thought it was hysterical.

I can already tell that as a new dog mom I’m going to be spending all of my money on dog toys.  I think it’s the most fun thing ever to buy them new toys!  I used to buy my roommate’s dog new toys but I would only spend money on the $1 toys at Rite Aid because she wasn’t “my dog”.  Well, the tables are about to turn.  I am about to have my own pup and I have a feeling I’m going to spoil the crap out of him!

I have already bought him a dog tag direct from Australia on Etsy.  Yes, it’s coming all the way from Australia.

One of my goals for my new pup is to get him about a billion instagram followers so that I can get sponsored by brands and get free stuff in exchange for sponsored posts.  Hey, it would be fun.  And I have someone to take photos of now.

Here’s a video of that toy – it’s so funny.  I don’t know how they can stand to have a bell on their dog though – that would be so annoying!


The Artistry Of Handmade Sloth Necklaces

algaeslothI recently purchased an adorable Sloth Necklace for my niece.  She LOVES it!  And apparently it is handmade.  I decided to look up information on how jewelry is handmade (or just made in general, because I literally have no idea), and I found a great article talking about how much of a craft it is.

The necklace is made of silver and it depicts a sloth hanging from the chain like a sloth would hang from a branch (aka, upside down).  I never really paid much attention to sloths until my niece decided she was in LOVE with the species.  Now I’m also a fan – they are SO CUTE!

It’s amazing how slow they move.  This is due to their slow metabolism and the fact that they only consume plants – this way they conserve their energy.

Also, did you know that they are related to anteaters!??  This seems highly unlikely as they look nothing like an anteater.

Did you know that sloths do not poop or pee from the high branches?  They make a weekly (yes, weekly) trip to the forest floor to do their business.

Sloths also have a one way esophagus – they cannot throw up!  This is amusing.  But evolution has allowed these little critters to hang upside down for hours on end.  Did you know that sloths are great in the trees but also the water?  Yep – they are great swimmers too!

In order to camouflage themselves high up in the trees they have evolved to allow algae to grow on their fur!  This is pretty amazing – and shows the symbiotic nature of how things can evolve.

Anyway on to the jewelry making:

First there’s a great YouTube video of how to create stamped jewelry:

Now apparently making jewelry is NOT that hard and people can really do it themselves for the most part.  However you do have to have the right tools and some patience.

Language Learning Software – The Way to Study A New Language

learnfrenchLearning a new language is a great achievement in today’s interconnected world. More individuals are turning out to be either trilingual or bilingual. The world has gotten to be interconnected in all fields which make learning a new language critical. Add a new language to your collection and a radical new arrangement of advantages are open to you. A new language can give you access to a new target market if you are a business person.

A new language can be dubious to learn in view of the non-verbal subtleties and the diverse settings that language brings. You should comprehend the right use of words and expressions relating to a specific language. English is obvious when you record it and say it contrasted with Japanese where you need to comprehend the connection of the things you say. A word or an expression you use in Japanese is altogether diverse when utilized as a part of an alternate connection. Furthermore, the immediate interpretation would seem like a Saturday Night Live production. Continuously comprehend the connection of the language you utilize. Social subtleties will be an enormous distinction once you take in a new language.

You can without much of a stretch take in a new language if you had the right kind language learning software. With language learning software introduced in your PC you can without much of a stretch handle a language that you need since it has a regulated procedure that anybody can take after. A decent language learning software demonstrates to you the distinctive words you can utilize and the expressions to use in various types of circumstances. If you need to learn languages that utilization characters, for example, Chinese and Japanese language learning software gives Romanization of characters. You can see the Roman letters in order as you attempt to declare the words in Chinese or Japanese.

There are numerous advantages of utilizing language learning software. Language learning software gives you a sound aide alongside a composed aide. You can hear the sounds, expression, and stating of the language you need to learn. It is likewise critical to hear the language identified with you rather than simply reading a word reference. Listening to the language gives you a mental prompt on how it sounds like, how it is utilized, and how it is said.

You can likewise figure out how to write in the language you contemplate. The software incorporates sound aides, Romanized characters, and a written work guide. The written work guide shows you the letter set of the language you have picked and exhibits the strokes expected to compose the characters. These are just a couple advantages of utilizing language learning software. Attempt one for yourself and check whether it is justified regardless of your time. You can enormously profit by language learning software in light of the instruments it furnishes you with. You can search the net for the upsides and downsides of software you need to buy. Check reviews and evaluations and instruct yourself to settle on a decent decision.

Do a Google search
Take a couple of minutes to search for the software on Google. When you do discover a site reviewing the software make certain to search for the awful reports and additionally the great. When a review site is straightforwardly posting the awful comments alongside the great you can be really certain that the review you are reading is straightforward and presumably contains some great data for you. Make certain to think about these tips when you do your next search for learning language software reviews.

How Cloth Is Woven

Ever wonder how that cloth is woven?  We take our clothes for granted but the process of weaving any sort of fabric is rather intricate and has evolved over thousands of years.  Check out this cool informative video on how cloth is woven.


Important Language Learning Tips.


Learning a new language can be hectic in a way, and any beginner is likely to face some emotional trauma as a result. Some people might even get frustrated especially when it is hard for them to master the content. If you are so passionate about understanding the new language, you will enjoy and have fun while learning. In addition to that, it is amazing that with the advanced technology, there is computer software such as learn German software and learn French software that helps you learn a new language from your computer. These software’s help you to refresh anytime since they are readily available.

For the learning to be more fun and effortless to understand, here are some tips that will greatly help you which includes:

You should have realistic expectations.

Remember these is a new language and at the beginning, it might be hard for you to comprehend everything being taught. Never be frustrated since you are in the process of adopting the new environment with new rhythm and sound.

Use proper reading tactics.

After getting the basic understanding of the new language, get all the required reading materials to familiarize yourself with new vocabularies and phrases. It is also advisable to break the content into smaller segments that you will clearly understand other than using a lot of time reading without understanding.

Listen to audios and Internet Radios that speak your new language.

Hearing plays a significant role in understanding, and if you intend to speak the language, then you should listen to it at your own free time. By doing these, it will also expose you to new vocabularies in and every day.

Use your internet to interact with people who speak your new language.

With the rapid change of technology, there are a lot of free sites where you can interact with people freely and learn more about the expected language. Practice leads to perfection and the more you are exposed, the more you will be able to speak fluently.

Set a target.

It is paramount to know that focusing on vocabularies is essential in understanding an individual language. You should set a goal and aim to understand the definition of different vocabularies and how to use them. Flash cards will greatly help you in this area to know more about various verbs and nouns. These cards are portable making them be highly recommended by the experts, and they also offer options.

Form a study group.

Remember people have a different understanding and what may look hard to you it be like taking a glass of water to someone else. When you study together, you are likely to get instant feedback and enjoy learning more that it could be when you study alone. As you discuss various points with your partners, you will be in a position to understand how to use different vocabularies.


The above tips are some of the various techniques that will help you to ease and enjoy your learning. Always utilize your computer learning software by refreshing yourself especially if you are not going to use the new language immediately after learning to avoid forgetting all that you studied.